August 3, 2006 at 11:17 am | Posted in Must Visit Sites | 1 Comment – super site especially this forum for picking up bargains, beware they go fast I am sure many of the larger retailers have snoopers on this place by now to pick out their mis-prices … Dell I am thinking of you 😉

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August 3, 2006 at 11:02 am | Posted in Must Visit Sites | Leave a comment – yes another price comparison site but I like their SMS search feature which provides back the 3 cheapest prices it finds online from searching over 800 UK retailers  – rather than just the cheapest that services like Froogle provide. This is useful since the cheapest price can usually be erroneous – I used the tool successfully on the weekend down Tottenham court road to get a £50 discount in seconds from the retailer. – A good place to buy and sell goods?

August 3, 2006 at 9:37 am | Posted in Goods Trading | Leave a comment

If like me you are a bit fed up with the over dominance of eBay, lack of alternatives and the fact that the site is getting over populated with scam-artists then you might be interested in trying out Trading Forums. So a bit of background, AVForums is as the title suggests a forum for all things Audio and Video related with over 150,000 visitors a week. It’s truly an excellent resource with a good healthy mix of experts and newbie’s. 

The Trading Forums is governed by some well-defined (if hard to enforce) rules that everyone must accept before posting an item for sale. There is also a space for raising disputes if you are unsatisfied and the whole forum is well controlled but a few good moderators. Like eBay there is a also a ratings/feedback mechanism which looks familiar doesn’t it 😉  

Currently I have brought a modded Xbox (why? – will explain later) but for £60 with a 80GB Hard Drive I think it’s a great bargain and will allow me to pimp-up my new pad, however I am still awaiting delivery a week on and the person selling the item is on Holiday an not contactable – so I will reserve judgement – but on the surface it seems like a good alternative place for selling all your Audio Video wares plus did I forget to mention its totally FREE!  

This got me to thinking – one of the biggest problems I have with buying and selling electronically (apart from the trust element) is packaging and collection  part– if you have ever had to queue at your local Royal Mail Depot on a Saturday morning you will know what I mean! So what about a localised goods Trading Platform for the people who work in the City of London – what do you think? A totall free system where you can post you item / request for items and leave feedback, plus the beaty is that you can easily meet up for the exchange. Interested to hear you’re thoughts…

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